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Rising Teen Sensation Isabella Hartline Releases Inspirational Single to Country Radio

Sixteen-year-old Isabella Hartline is kicking off the new year with her debut radio release entitled Free. This heartfelt tune is officially hitting mainstream country radio and is already available on all streaming platforms including SpotifyApple Music, and more.

In this genuine and whole-hearted tune, Isabella inspires others to just be true to yourself. This feel-good song helps one define their confidence as she brings her fans the courage, they need to overcome whatever it is they may be facing.

Written by Isabella alongside Nashville singer/songwriter Sarah Morey, Free is bound to tug at the heartstrings. “I met Sarah about two years ago and we immediately hit it off. The next thing I knew, we had this song written,” says Isabella. Isabella credits the inspiration to her songs from her own personal life. “This song is a personal journey of mine, learning that God has a plan and trusting that I’m never alone. It was important for me to release this song first so that it can be an encouragement to everyone who hears it. Life is full of hardships and struggles, but you don’t have to go through it by yourself.”

Signed to Private Label Artists, this teen sensation is persistent on her musical journey. With previous songs already under her belt, this is her first official debut release to country radio, both national and international. She has been in the studio the last few months of last year, working on new material slated to be released all throughout 2024.

With a fun and loving spirit, Isabella is the real deal as she continues to make music to inspire and encourage her fans. You can find more information on Isabella Hartline by visiting Private Label Artists at as well as on Instagram, FacebookTwitter/X, and YouTube.

About Isabella Hartline: Rising country artist Isabella Hartline is bringing a youthful spirit to the country music genre with her lighthearted lyrics and sweet melodies. This 16-year-old Peach State native is proving to be successful with her hometown support and press coverage under her belt, while still leading a normal teenage schedule from math class to volleyball and managing to perform in between. She started her music journey from an early age playing at local open mic nights, churches and venues and now she travels to Nashville any chance she gets to expand her knowledge in performing, writing, recording new music and more.  

This impressive teenager not only works hard in music but also lives an everyday life of school, friends and sports, while still pursuing her career as an artist. As a teen, Isabella finds herself listening to the radio and singing along to the songs that she knows, while dreaming of one day playing her own shows. Isabella credit the most influence over her songs, from her personal life, walk of faith, and love for the U.S. that is sprinkled into her songs. Isabella loves to hunt, fish, and all the things a country girl loves, yet has all the qualities a young lady possesses. At sixteen years old, Isabella has a heart of gold and the passion for music. With her love for music mixed with her vibrant and bubbly personality, Isabella continues to grow as she remains on her musical journey. 

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