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Royal Photo Controversy

Catherine, Princess of Wales, issued an apology yesterday following backlash from an edited photo released on social media to celebrate Mother's Day in the UK. Several major news outlets raised concerns about the image's authenticity, prompting a "kill notice" or a retraction. While minor editing, like cropping, is allowed, photo agencies have strict guidelines on edits that substantially change an image.

The photo marked the princess's first official portrait since Christmas and came during an extended absence attributed to her planned abdominal surgery in January. Her absence has fueled concern and speculation about her health, despite the palace stating she would be recovering with no official appearances until after Easter. The princess was photographed yesterday leaving Windsor Castle alongside Prince William.

The palace—which rarely goes on the record—said it would not release the unedited photograph and did not provide details on what aspects of the image were edited. The royal couple has faced scrutiny over alleged photo alterations previously, including their 2023 Christmas card.

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