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Russia Warns the US

Russian officials said yesterday the potential decision by the US to send advanced technology to repel missile attacks to Ukraine may lead to "unpredictable consequences," while accusing the US of escalating the conflict. The transfer, which has been reported on but not formally announced, would provide Ukrainian forces with a Patriot missile defense system widely used by the US Army. Russia has battered Ukrainian infrastructure with missile attacks, frequently targeting its power grid ahead of the harsh winter season. Unlike previous systems provided by the West, experts say the system can knock down aircraft and Russian-fired ballistic and cruise missiles with a range of up to 100 miles. Russia has also increased its use of Iranian-made explosive drones in attacks, which are too small to be effectively destroyed by Patriot missiles. See updates on the war here. Separately, US Air Force veteran Suedi Murekezi was reportedly released from Russian custody as part of a larger prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine. Murekezi had traveled independently to Ukraine to aid in the war.

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