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Russian Runs Nuke Drills

Russian forces carried out nuclear drills yesterday, launching ballistic and cruise missiles from land and sea across the country to the Kura test site in Russia's far eastern Kamchatka province. The tests were reportedly part of scheduled drills but come as Moscow has increasingly referenced the potential use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. On the ground, both sides continue to prepare for a battle over the southern city of Kherson. The fighting is anticipated to be some of the heaviest since the start of the war—Russia has reportedly evacuated civilians and withdrawn high-ranking officers, but is said to have defensive positions for remaining troops. See updates here (along with a map of the front). Separately, officials recovered the remains of Joshua Jones, an American killed fighting alongside Ukrainian forces. His body is expected to be returned to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. In related news, thousands of documents recovered amid a Russian retreat last month revealed an inside look at the Kremlin's war effort.

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