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Section 702 Renewed

The Senate passed a law reauthorizing part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act minutes after Friday's midnight deadline, overcoming opposition from privacy advocates and former President Donald Trump. 

Since 2008, Section 702 has allowed US intelligence officers to bypass the warrant process and compel companies like AT&T and Google to share communications of foreigners living outside of US soil. Through this process, officials may also track messages from Americans engaging with those foreign targets. 

US officials say intelligence from Section 702 has helped foil threats and enabled the 2022 killing of al-Qaida’s leader. Privacy advocates are concerned about the warrantless collection of Americans’ private communications; the FBI and others have been found to search the database for phrases related to Black Lives Matter and the events of Jan. 6.

President Joe Biden signed the bill hours after passage in the Senate. It extends Section 702 for two years and includes a House provision expanding the type of companies that can be compelled to comply. 

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