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Shifa Assault in Gaza

Israeli officials said 170 militants were killed and nearly 500 others detained following a weeklong raid at Gaza City's al-Shifa hospital in the northern half of the territory. The operation has been described by the Israeli military as one of the most direct engagements with senior Hamas fighters since fighting began. 

Located in northern Gaza, the complex was the region's largest operating medical facility. Israeli officials accused senior commanders of both Hamas and the associated Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group of attempting to regroup in the hospital. A February analysis by The New York Times suggested Hamas used the building for coverage and weapons storage and was accessible via underground tunnels (but fell short of confirming claims it was a "command and control" center).

During the current effort, Israeli officials said they also recovered at least $3M in US currency and Jordanian dinars, among additional weapons. Reports Friday suggested at least 3,000 civilians remained trapped in the facility.  

See updates on the broader war here.

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