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From the Clay County Fire and Rescue Facebook

The Flow Path Management course is a live fire training program for advanced level firefighters.

The course is a research-based course that incorporates findings from many years of international research and interfaces these studies into today's engine and truck company operation tactics.

The FPM Training Experience is unlike any live fire training program you have attended where we bring the research to your community.

Topics include: Reduced Manpower Fire Attack Advanced Fire Dynamics Modern Ventilation Practices & Considerations Wind-Driven Fire Attack Basement Fire Attack Recognition of various flow paths Vertical & Horizontal Flow Paths Door Control and the Fire Attack Thermal Imaging Fire Attack Methods Go..No..Go Fire Attack The Transitional Fire Attack; Positive & Negative Aspects Small-Scale Doll House Burns Large-Scale Acquired Live Fire Demonstrations Smoke Control Curtains/Blockades Non-Traditional Fire Attack Methods Cellar Nozzles; Fog Nail Nozzles; Distribution Nozzle Fire Attacks Flow Path & The Engine Company Flow Path & The Truck Company Flow Path & The Incident Commander Fuel Package Comparison Burns The Anatomy of a Flame

Target student: The course is considered an advanced firefighting course. (Not an entry level course) 1. Those attending should be familiar with basic fire behavior, ventilation practices, hose line advancement, & structural fire attack. 2. This course will incorporate live fire training; therefore, attendees should be NFPA 1403 compliant. 3. This course is targeted for: • Certified Firefighters • Line Fire Officers (Lieutenants, Captain, Training.. • Chief Fire Officers • Live Fire Qualified Instructors FLOW PATH MANAGEMENT TRAINING EXPERIENCE Tri-County Community College Fire Training Facility April 30; 0800-1800 hrs. REGISTER HERE: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScewgSJwt4chc.../viewform

Bring Full Set of Turnout Gear & SCBA with spare bottle to all class sessions. Attendance to all class sessions is required.

Participants must be NFPA 1403 compliant to participate in any live fire training sessions. If not compliant, you can still serve as an observer.

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