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Slow Advances in Ukraine

Ukraine's armed forces have pushed over 10 miles into two separate portions of Russian-occupied territory along the conflict's southeastern front, according to officials over the weekend.

Analysts described the advances—which come amid Ukraine's grinding, monthslong counteroffensive—as a partial tactical success, as they appeared to deplete Russian troops. Advances from primarily small tactical units pressed into Staromaiorske in Donetsk Oblast and the town of Robotyne further west in Zaporizhzhia Oblast (see maps) in an attempt to cut off Russia from its occupied territories in the south.

Elsewhere, Russian forces shot down three Ukrainian missiles headed toward the Kerch Bridge connecting the annexed peninsula of Crimea with Russia Saturday; the bridge has been damaged twice since the war began.

Separately, a Russian patrol ship fired a warning shot at an unresponsive cargo vessel in the southwestern Black Sea, the first such incident since Russia withdrew from a deal to allow grain exports last month. See more war updates here.

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