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Spanish Soccer Turmoil

Spanish prosecutors will investigate Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales for allegedly kissing national team member Jennifer Hermoso without her consent, the latest in an accelerating weeklong controversy.

The incident, captured on video, occurred after Spain won the Women's World Cup a week ago. Rubiales released an apology last week and has described the kiss as consensual; Hermoso has stated it was not. Calls for the 46-year-old to resign continued through the week, including from Spain's deputy prime minister, though Rubiales has refused. Over the weekend, the entire championship women's team said they would not play under Rubiales, while FIFA, soccer's world governing body, suspended Rubiales for 90 days.

In a move some observers argue was an act of leverage, the Spanish federation—which supports Rubiales—requested Europe's confederation suspend all Spanish soccer from play yesterday, which the confederation declined to do.

Rubiales' mother reportedly began a hunger strike in defense of her son. See a timeline of Rubiales' tenure as Spanish soccer president here.

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