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Standardized Testing

Dartmouth College announced yesterday it will begin requiring next year's class of prospective students to submit standardized test scores for admission, the first Ivy League school to reverse a pandemic-era policy making tests optional.

Dartmouth dropped its requirement for applicants to submit their ACT or SAT scores in June 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted national testing. Nearly four years later, a study commissioned by the New Hampshire-based school's president found standardized test scores were valuable in identifying high school students considered to be high achievers and likely to thrive at Dartmouth.

Among the learnings, the study found some students with strong test scores in their local areas opted to not submit their scores when the results fell below Dartmouth's average range. But because their scores were still higher compared to students in their respective communities, submitting the results would have been a positive nod to their candidacy, the study said. See findings here.

More than 1,900 schools (see here) currently have a test-optional policy, including all of the other Ivy Leagues.

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