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Strike Hits Iranian Embassy

An airstrike targeting Iran's embassy in Syria killed at least seven military officers yesterday, including a senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. Syrian and Iranian officials accused Israel of the attack, while an Israeli military official accused Iran of a drone strike against a military base in southern Israel. Iran is known to supply weapons and funding to militant groups, including Hamas, which orchestrated last year's raid into Israel.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza City's al-Shifa hospital after a two-week raid. Roughly 200 militants were killed and nearly 900 others detained under an operation to dismantle Hamas, whose fighters were accused of regrouping in Gaza's largest operating medical facility. The World Health Organization said at least 21 patients had also died. 

Separately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to temporarily shut down Qatar-owned Al Jazeera's local operations after the passage of a law granting officials power to shutter foreign news agencies for national security reasons.

Meanwhile, a deadline lapsed to submit a new law exempting ultra-Orthodox Jewish citizens from compulsory military service, triggering protests

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