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Suspect in Lawmaker Shootings

Solomon Peña, a Republican candidate who lost an election for the New Mexico state Legislature last year, has been arrested in connection to a series of shootings targeting several homes and offices of Democratic officials. No one was injured in the shootings, although several homes were damaged.

Between Dec. 4 and Jan. 5, the homes of two state legislators and two county commissioners, as well as a campaign office, were hit by several gunshots. Authorities announced Monday they believed Peña paid four men to conduct the attacks, one of whom was arrested last week. After Peña lost the state House District 14 race by 3,600 votes in November, several lawmakers reported he came to their homes with documents attempting to prove he had won.

Last month, the Capitol's chief of police reported that threats against members of Congress were up 400% in the past six years. See a report here.

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