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Switzerland Wins Eurovision

Switzerland's Nemo won the 68th annual Eurovision Song Contest this weekend, the first win for the country since Celine Dion in 1988 and the first contest winner to identify as nonbinary (the subject of the winning song). The contest is the world's single most-watched televised live music event, attracting more than 160 million viewers globally.

Nemo beat out Croatia's Baby Lasagna, whose song about emigration placed first in the public vote but eighth with juries of music industry professionals (see how Eurovision's voting process works here). Israel's Eden Golan—whose participation was the subject of a boycott movement and protests—placed second in the public vote but 12th with the juries. Meanwhile, the Netherlands' Joost Klein—whose song was predicted to rank highly—was disqualified from the final while local police investigated his alleged role in an altercation with a camerawoman.

Winners of Eurovision do not receive a cash prize but instead a trophy of a 1950s-style glass microphone. Watch performance clips here.

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