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Texas Blaze Sets Record

The Smokehouse Creek Fire became the largest wildfire in Texas state history yesterday, with flames rapidly spreading across the state's panhandle and into Oklahoma. Roughly 1,700 square miles of primarily rural prairie and brush have been burned, with the blaze at 3% containment as of this writing (see current status). 

At least two people have been killed, including an 83-year-old women whose home burned down in the town of Stinnett. State officials also noted thousands of livestock, mostly cattle, have likely perished as the wildfire swept through the region. The panhandle is home to 85% of the state's 12 million cattle, many of which are reportedly safe from the blaze. Officials said critical fire conditions, including high winds and low humidity, are expected to return over the weekend. See photos and footage here.

To the north, a blizzard warning is in effect across the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe, with as much as 10 feet of snow expected to accumulate in the mountains. 

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