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Texas Wildfires

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) issued a disaster declaration this week for 60 counties as the Smokehouse Creek Fire became the second-largest in Texas history. Thousands of people were ordered to evacuate as the wildfire remains 3% contained and other wildfires burned, leaving at least one person dead (see updates). 

The Smokehouse Creek Fire broke out Monday and is one of multiple wildfires burning across Texas and into Oklahoma. As of this writing, it has grown to over 1,300 square miles (850,000 acres), larger than the state of Rhode Island, and has threatened homes, businesses, and farms. Wildfires have also caused the country’s main nuclear weapons assembly facility to temporarily shut down.

Texas has two wildfire peaks, one in the summer and winter, but they fall short of distinct seasons. This week, high temperatures and winds combined with dry, dead grass is believed to have fueled the spread of the fire. Those conditions are expected to ease in the coming days as winds ease. See photos of the fires here.

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