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The Great British Walkout

Nearly half a million workers across the United Kingdom are poised to start coordinated nationwide strikes today in protest of the government’s proposed anti-strike legislation and to call for public sector pay raises. See a schedule of the strikes here. The legislation, introduced to Parliament Jan. 9, would require workers in six sectors—health, rail, education, fire, border security, and nuclear—to provide minimum safety and service levels during strikes. One of the largest-scale strikes in a decade, the walkout will likely shut down thousands of schools, halt rail lines, and cause significant border disruption. Unions are also advocating for pay raises that match inflation, which remains close to the highest level seen in 40 years, while the government contends the demands are unaffordable in the current economic climate. The UK is expected to be the only major industrialized country to see its economy shrink this year. Separately, France yesterday saw its second major nationwide strike this year against the government's proposed pension overhaul.

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