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Tokyo Collision

Five crew members on a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft were killed after it collided with a passenger plane yesterday that was landing at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. All 379 passengers and crew onboard Japan Airlines flight JAL-516 from Shin Chitose Airport near Sapporo were evacuated safely before the plane was engulfed in flames; the other plane's pilot survived with injuries.

The accident marked the first significant damage to an Airbus A350 since its introduction in 2015. It is also the first serious commercial aviation accident in Japan since 1985, when an aircraft flying from Tokyo to Osaka crashed, killing 520 passengers and crew. The Coast Guard surveillance prop plane was scheduled for a relief mission to the Noto Peninsula, where at least 48 people have died due to the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit New Year’s Day.

See video of the incident here (warning—sensitive content). Officials say investigations are ongoing, including communication between the flights and air traffic control.

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