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Tories Eye Truss Replacement

The race to replace UK Prime Minister Liz Truss gets underway today, a process that will conclude this week and possibly as early as this afternoon. The Conservative Party vote follows Truss' resignation Friday, capping a stint that was the shortest premiership in British history.

Truss replaced Boris Johnson after multiple rounds of voting by both lawmakers and registered conservatives across the country. For Truss' replacement, the 357 conservative members of parliament have until midafternoon today to nominate a replacement. Candidates must receive at least 100 nominations for consideration; if only one candidate reaches the threshold, the process ends and they assume the office. If two candidates advance, the one with less support either drops out or calls for an online vote involving the UK's 170,000 Conservative Party members, which would close Friday (the process is similar if three candidates surpass the threshold).

Johnson reportedly withdrew from contention last night, making former finance chief Rishi Sunak the frontrunner.

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