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Traffic Stop On Cherry Road Leads To Multiple Drug Arrests

Press Release

On 04/29/24 Clay County Sheriff’s Lt. Tyler Faggard (DEA Task Force Officer) and Investigator

Nick Queen were surveilling an area of Cherry Road in Hayesville after receiving information

that a suspicious person was present around the roadway near a known residence used for the sale of drugs. At this time a white Chrysler sedan drove by. Investigator Queen noted the driver to be Mark Thomas May, 35 years of age from Murphy.

After a brief inquiry with Clay County Dispatch, Investigator Queen found that May’s driver’s license was suspended. Investigator Queen stopped the vehicle on Cherry Road near the shopping complex at NC Hwy 69.

Investigator Queen noted Kristi Lace Eickleberry, 24 years of age from Murphy to be seated in

the front passenger seat; Danny Ray Johnson, 42 years of age from Murphy to be seated

behind the driver’s seat; and Susana Cardoso Daconceicao, 44 years of age from Florida

seated in the rear passenger seat of the Crysler. After stopping the car, Investigator Queen

noted a strong odor of Marijuana coming from within.

All occupants were removed from the car. As Investigator Queen was dealing with May, Lt.

Faggard secured the other three occupants and began checking their statuses with Clay County Dispatch. After first providing a false name, due to having outstanding warrants for his arrest, Johnson was finally identified. Eickleberry was identified as having been recently released from prison and on Federal Probation for Bringing In And Harboring Illegal Aliens.

Based on all of these facts, a probable cause search of the Chrysler was conducted by Lt.

Faggard and Investigator Queen. A cigarette pack containing a clear baggy with a substance

that field tested positive for Methamphetamine was found near the gear shifter nearest to where Eickleberry was seated. A small blue baggy containing a substance that field tested positive for Fentanyl was found within May’s wallet. All cell phones within the car were also seized and will be subject to future searches.

A Clay County Detention van was called to the scene to transport all four individuals to the

Detention Center. Once to the Detention Center a glass smoking device, a small aluminum stick and 2 torch lighters in a black pouch were seized by female Detention Officer Ware from

Daconceico’s vaginal area. This glass smoking device contained an amount of suspected


Each of these four individuals were charged with Felony Possession of Methamphetamine. May and Johnson were also charged with Felony Possession of Fentanyl. Daconceico was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. None of the arrested individuals were issued any bonds for their release and remained in custody.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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