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'Twitter Files' Leaked: Musk reveals evidence of collusion between Biden campaign and social media

A collection of internal email exchanges from social media giant Twitter was released over the weekend, with CEO Elon Musk implying they provided insight into the company's previous willingness to suppress content based on external requests. The disclosure, which appeared as a tweet thread from journalist Matt Taibbi, included debates by staff over how to justify censoring a high-profile story about Hunter Biden's recovered laptop during the 2020 presidential campaign under an ostensible "hacked materials" policy.

Critics of the platform argue the documents show how Twitter allowed external requests from those with access—including the then-Biden campaign—to influence moderation decisions. Others argued the leak revealed the challenges in dealing with moderation decisions in real time and have thus far primarily focused on one example.

While Musk implicitly approved the revelation, posting about the coming release beforehand, it was unclear whether he was the source of the leak. Friday's thread is expected to be the first of many, with Taibbi saying he had received thousands of documents.

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