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Two Arrested On Drug Charges

Clay County Sheriff March Buchanan

On 10/25/23 at 7:31 PM Clay County Sgt Tyler Faggard was dispatched to 153 Rocking Chair Trail in Hayesville after a report of Breaking and Entering. At 7:48 PM Sgt Faggard arrived to this residence and found a Hummer H2 belonging to Janet Harris Shields, 54 years of age of Hayesville parked in the driveway.

Sgt Faggard found Shields sitting in the back seat of the Hummer. While speaking to Shields, Sgt Faggard saw Rebeka Renee Eichholz, 28 years of age from Hiawassee on the opposite side of the Hummer. Sgt Faggard noted Eichholz kicking the leaves with her feet as if she was trying to hide something on the ground. Sgt Faggard demanded that Eicholz sit in the Hummer. Sgt Faggard noted a juvenile female, later found to be Eichholz’s daughter, sitting in the front passenger seat of the Hummer. Sgt Faggard then heard the Hummer door open where Eicholz was told to sit. Sgt Faggard again saw Eichholz to be outside shuffling the leaves with her feet.

Sgt Faggard walked back around the Hummer, handcuffed Eichholz, and made her stand in front of his patrol vehicle. During this time, Clay County Investigator Nick Queen arrived on the scene. Sgt Faggard questioned Shields as to any unlaw entry into the residence and found that Shields had lived there and only went inside to get her cloths and cat. During this time, Clay County Sgt Steven Smith also arrived to the residence. Sgt Smith asked for permission from Shields to search the Hummer.

Shields gave Officers permission to search her Hummer. During a search of the Hummer a baggy of suspected Marijuana was found in the back seat where Shields had first been noted to be sitting. Tiny shards of suspected Methamphetamine were found in the driver’s seat. A black makeup bag was noted to be lying on the ground halfway underneath the Hummer. This makeup bag contained several items of drug paraphernalia and a black rubber glove tied into a ball containing baggies with a large amount of a crystal-like substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine. Also within this glove was a bag of orange and white pills and a red bag containing suspected marijuana.

Shields and Eichholz were arrested and charged with Possession With Intent To Sell or Deliver Methamphetamine, Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substances, and Child Abuse. Both women were placed under a $20,000 secured bond. Eichholz’s daughter was turned over to Eichholz’s mother at the scene. The Hummer was also seized as being used in the commission of a felony related to the N.C. Controlled Substance Act.

*All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law*

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