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Two State Solution possibility according to Israeli official

Image by Ekaterina Vysotina from Pixabay

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid expressed his support for a two-state solution with Palestinians during a speech yesterday at the UN General Assembly in New York, despite resistance from within his country. It marked the first time an Israeli PM has publicly backed the two-state solution, which would establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, since 2016. See background here.

Lapid stated a condition for the partnership would be a peaceful Palestinian state that is not "terror based." Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to speak Friday and is expected to express his frustration with the Israel-Palestine peace process.

Separately, Lapid reiterated the West should use force, if necessary, to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, in an effort to convince the US and its allies not to renew the Iran nuclear deal.

The speech comes weeks before Nov. 1 elections in Israel, the fifth elections in four years, which will see the centrist Lapid take on veteran Benjamin Netanyahu, a current opponent of the two-state solution.

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