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UFO Whistleblower Testifies

A former US Air Force intelligence officer appeared before House lawmakers yesterday, alleging federal officials have concealed evidence of UFOs from the public for decades. The hearing is the latest in the increasingly public conversation about unidentified aerial phenomena—a formal term covering both terrestrial and, in principle, extraterrestrial craft.

Retired Maj. David Grusch, who went public in June, served in various capacities tracking UAP events for various federal agencies from 2019-22. The most explosive of his claims—all based on secondhand reports collected during his tenure—is that the US government has retrieved numerous nonhuman craft and is in a race to reverse-engineer the technology before other nations. At least one former colleague has publicly backed Grusch's statements.

Also appearing was former Navy commander David Fravor, whose 2004 encounter with a UAP made waves after being declassified three years ago.

Watch highlights from the hearing here.

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