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UK Revives Rwanda Plan

British lawmakers have passed a revised bill to deport some asylum seekers to Rwanda. The passage of the bill comes a month after the nation's high court struck down a previous draft of the policy, stating Rwanda was not a safe country and could expose the UK to liability under international law. Analysts viewed yesterday's vote as a win for Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who saw dozens of abstentions from his own party. 

The original April 2022 law was designed to deter the steep rise in the smuggling of migrants who arrived in the UK on small boats across the English Channel (see numbers). The law created a $180M fund to support the potentially thousands of asylees the UK would transport to Rwanda (see how it works). The program was paused amid legal challenges last summer. To circumvent last month's high court ruling, the new legislation declared Rwanda a safe country. The bill must undergo further debate before final approval. 

In related news, an asylum-seeker housed in a controversial 200-cabin barge docked along the UK's coast reportedly died by suicide Tuesday. 

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