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Ukraine Leak

The Justice Department is investigating a leak of classified US intelligence documents uploaded to a Discord server early last month. Images of some of those documents were shared widely on social media last week in a significant breach of American intelligence.

The leaked materials consisted of several photographs of files—portions of which are believed to be doctored—containing sensitive information from across the US espionage community. Most of the reports—which reportedly confirm claims the US has deeply infiltrated Russian intelligence—are US assessments of the Ukraine war. They also reveal sensitive information regarding China, Iran, and others, including a failed attempt by Russia's Wagner group to negotiate an arms deal with NATO member Turkey, as well as previously undisclosed advanced US satellite systems.

Analysts expect the leak to have widespread repercussions for current intelligence sharing among the US and its allies; on Friday, the Pentagon restricted the flow of intelligence in an attempt to minimize the chance of further leaks.

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