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Ukraine Shelled

Russian forces launched a barrage of airstrikes targeting Ukraine yesterday, leaving much of the capital of Kyiv without power and water. Russia fired at least 50 missiles in total, though Ukrainian officials said they were able to intercept 44. Missiles and drones collectively hit 10 regions and damaged 18 infrastructure sites in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have already been reeling from blackouts and depleted water supplies after a similar attack in early October.

Yesterday's shelling is seen as further retaliation to what Russia claims was a Ukrainian attack on its warships in the Black Sea over the weekend. Ukraine has not said whether it was responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, 12 ships carrying grain left three Ukrainian ports, two days after Russia said it was withdrawing from a UN-brokered grain export deal that had been in effect since August. Global wheat prices rose 6% on the news of Russia pulling out from the deal.

See updates on the war here.

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