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Ukrainian Drone Attack

Fires erupted and partially halted production at a major oil refinery in western Russia yesterday after Ukraine reportedly launched at least two dozen drones against the country's energy infrastructure, one of its largest such cross-border attacks of the war. The plant is responsible for 6% of Russian crude oil production. The assault came as the US announced $300M in weapons support to Ukraine, the first American aid package since December.

Separately, a Russian military transport plane carrying 15 passengers reportedly crashed outside Moscow shortly after liftoff yesterday. No reports of casualties have been released. Elsewhere, Russian paramilitary groups reportedly aligned with Ukraine claimed small gains against Russian defenses in regions along the border yesterday. See war updates here

The conflict—now in its third year—has seen few major developments in recent months outside of a shake-up in Ukraine's top military leadership in February. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to win his fifth presidential term this weekend amid the Kremlin's tight control of elections.  

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