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Unidentified Floating Objects

US fighter jets shot down unidentified objects floating over Lake Huron Sunday and the northern Yukon Saturday, following the downing of another car-sized object over Alaskan airspace Friday. Officials are working to recover the objects to gather more information about their origins and purpose, though they believe the objects were likely for surveillance.

US fighter jets have now taken down four objects in North American airspace over the last eight days, including a larger Chinese spy balloon off the South Carolina coast, which began the saga of the flying objects. Another spy balloon was found floating over Latin America last week before it left the continent's airspace. China has claimed responsibility for both balloons, maintaining the aircraft were meant to monitor the weather.

US defense officials have recently said at least three suspected Chinese spy balloons were also observed during the previous administration, though they were classified as UFOs at the time. See history of spy balloons here.

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