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US Sues Apple

The US Department of Justice yesterday filed a suit against Apple, alleging the tech giant violated antitrust laws in the smartphone market by making it exceedingly challenging for third parties to integrate with iPhones. The company has argued the policies are needed to maintain a high-quality user experience for their software. 

The lawsuit is separate from a recent challenge against Apple's App Store, which requires up to 30% commission for any payment made via any downloaded app. Roughly 65% of US smartphone users own an iPhone. Shares of Apple dropped 4% on the news yesterday.

Among other issues, prosecutors noted the "green bubble issue," where texts from non-iPhone users appear as green bubbles while all others are blue. Such users suffer from poor video and photo transmission, as well as lacking end-to-end encryption.

The suit included a mention of a viral clip of Apple CEO Tim Cook urging a questioner to purchase his mother an iPhone to send high-quality videos. 

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