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Vice President Comments on New Rules to Prevent Digital Discrimination

Every person in America should be able to access affordable, high-speed Internet no matter where they live or how much they earn. When President Joe Biden and I took office, 30 million people across our country did not have access to high-speed Internet. Communities of color, Native communities, rural communities, and low-income households were disproportionately disconnected.

That is why we worked with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to make the largest investment in affordable, high-speed Internet in history – $65 billion to lower the cost of monthly Internet plans and build thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable to connect every household in our nation to high-speed Internet.

One provision of our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that President Biden signed exactly two years ago directed the Federal Communications Commission to create first-of-its-kind rules to prevent digital discrimination. Today, the FCC answered our call by voting to adopt these necessary rules, taking a critical step to prohibit digital discrimination in high-speed Internet access based on income, race, ethnicity, religion, and national origin. These rules will protect civil rights, lower costs, and increase Internet access for Americans across the country.

President Biden and I understand that getting online can be a bridge to an education, a good-paying job, quality health care, and engagement with the broader world. We will not stop fighting to make it easier for everyone to access affordable, high-speed Internet. Today’s action is another important step toward fulfilling that vision.

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