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Volleyball update:

By Travis Dockery

389 Country Editor

Hayesville's volleyball program has been busy since the start of the season on Monday, Aug. 15. The high school teams have had 5 matches since then and the middle school squad has a pair of events under their belts.

Here's the breakdown.


3-1 win over Tuscola

3-1 win over Smoky Mountain

3-1 loss to Franklin

3-1 win over Tuscola

3-0 win over Hiwassee Dam


2-0 loss to Tuscola

2-0 win over Smoky Mountain

2-0 loss to Franklin

2-0 win over Tuscola

2-0 win over Hiwassee Dam

Middle School:

2-0 loss to Franklin

2-1 win over Hiwassee Dam

The high school teams will head to Highlands on Thursday, Aug. 25 for their third road game of the week.

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