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Wintering Wildlife

North Carolina Wildlife Federation

Press Release

The arrival of a new year is always a bustling and hectic time, yet undoubtedly a period for celebration. People come together in their homes and common areas, staying up well past midnight to welcome the incoming year. People gather in Times Square or in front of their televisions to watch the ball drop, eliciting cheers from millions, and people embrace their loved ones in a gesture of gratitude and hope for the year to come.

While this day of celebration holds great significance for us, it carries little weight for wildlife. They persist in their day-to-day habits and routines, with little changing as a result of this day of global celebration. However, our hope this year is that this new year will be a monumental one for wildlife… through your contribution!

In January, we are calling attention to Wintering Wildlife and the strategies our North Carolina wildlife species employ to adapt to the cold. Some add extra layers for insulation, others hibernate, resting in anticipation of warmer months, and a few migrate to more hospitable climates. Regardless of their adaptation methods, these species utilize the winter months not only to acclimate to the current conditions but also to prepare for the future.

This new year, we encourage you to do the same by reflecting on the impact you can have on wildlife and their habitats.

Whether through volunteering your time towards habitat restoration projects, gardening for wildlife in your own yard, donating toward NCWF's conservation work, or advocating for meaningful conservation policies - your contribution is what ensures success for North Carolina wildlife this year.

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