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World's Fastest Supercomputer

The US continues to be home to the world's top supercomputer for the second consecutive year, with Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Frontier facility ranking No. 1 in the semiannual list of the world's 500 most powerful systems. Japan's Fugaku system, which held the top spot in the past, remains at No. 2.

Beyond leading the list, the Frontier system, powered by Intel-rival chipmaker AMD, continues to qualify as the first and only true exascale computing platform, capable of performing a billion billion operations per second (see overview, w/video). The computing power of the system is also believed to be comparable to that of the human brain. The Frontier system has improved by 17% in performance since first entering the list, now reaching 1.194 exaflops, up from 1.02 exaflops—a measure of performance for supercomputers (see 101). AMD currently powers four of the top 10 supercomputers, while Intel and IBM power two apiece.

Intel has been working on a two-exaflop Aurora supercomputer, designed for the Argonne National Laboratory, which it aims to be on par with the Frontier system.

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