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Writers Strike Slogs On

The Hollywood writers strike reached its 101st day today, surpassing the 2007-08 walkout and becoming the third-longest strike in the history of the Writers Guild of America. The labor stoppage coincides with a strike by the actors guild, currently nearing the end of its fourth week. Combined, the two groups account for about 171,000 workers.

The writers guild argues structures fail to reflect the rapid pace of change in the entertainment industry. Among other issues, the group claims streaming services—where half of writers now work—ultimately result in lower residual payments over the long term. Proposals from the WGA and its counterparty, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, are reportedly more than $340M apart in total increased benefits for writers.

Late-night talk shows were the first affected, but the dual strikes have led to the delay or postponement of a number of shows and movies. See the impact here.

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