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Yeti Air Flight 691

At least 68 people were killed, and four others were left missing, after a plane crashed into a gorge while attempting to land near a Nepali resort town yesterday morning. It was the country's worst air disaster in three decades, according to officials.

Operated by Yeti Airlines, the turboprop plane (see 101) was making a short, 27-minute flight from the capital city of Kathmandu to the nearby tourist destination of Pokhara, whose newly constructed airport opened Jan. 1. The cause of the disaster has not been identified; however, video captured moments before impact (warning—sensitive content) showed the plane banking sharply to the left during its landing descent. The aircraft eventually crashed into the bank of the nearby Seti Gandaki river.

Nepal's elevation, rugged geography, and high winds make it one of the most difficult regions to fly. See a history of recent crashes here.

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