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YHC Volleyball Players Nicole Klucharich and Mollie Lawrence Compete in Greece

By: Nicole Klucharich

Athletics Intern

Young Harris Volleyball's Nicole Klucharich (OH/OPP, 2025) and Mollie Lawrence (S, 2024) traveled to Greece over the winter break to compete on a USA team organized by Bring It Promotions. Bring It Promotions is a volleyball travel agency that partners with their former club, Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association.  

The USA College team was compiled of 10 college volleyball players from all over the United States, who came together in Greece to compete against local teams. USA College went 3-2 while overseas, in the spirits of good and friendly competition. They played in the Greek cities of Athens, Nafplio, and Patra. 

Lawrence ran the team in a 5:1 offense, while Klucharich played as a 6-rotation outside hitter. Lawrence was able to get the offense in a rhythm following the first match and connected well with Klucharich from the front and back row. They utilized their familiarity to their advantage, with in and out of system balls. Both had to adjust to the international volleyball rules, freshly coming off the NCAA season at Young Harris. Klucharich said "it was fascinating to see how the sport of volleyball is played differently all over the world". 

In addition to the volleyball, Klucharich and Lawrence were able to explore the amazing scenes of Greece. Lawrence has been on a few BIP tours before and says that "playing volleyball in Europe is one of my favorite things to do!" She hopes to continue her volleyball career in Europe in the future. Both comment on what an unbelievable experience this was and encourage others to play internationally if they have the opportunity! 

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